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Research & Development

RTI-Ag furthers its research and development in Mexico with tomato row crops. MYKOS Gold WP is a wettable powder that is easily applied as a root drench to colonize established root systems. Please see results on the increased plant root structure and its ability to work more efficiently.

Mexico Field Trials 2017

RTI-Ag focuses on spreading the knowledge of the potential of our biological inoculants. Producing true field trials with farmers in Mexico with various crops and growing conditions. 

Plants that Benefit from RTI-Ag Biologicals

Mykos mycorrhizal forms a symbiotic relationship with over 90% of plants and Azos azospirillum nitrogen fixing bacteria responds positively with most plants. Find out which RTI-Ag Biologicals will work best with your field crops. 

Brassica Trials

Although Brassica's does not form an association with Mykos, there are a lot of benefits of using Azos, nitrogen-fixing bacteria. Azos can increase vegetative growth. Take a look at the research & development we have made to produce extreme root growth.

Fruit & Nut Tree Trials

It is crucial that newly transplanted orchards are supplied the necessary nutrients for a strong establishment. RTI-Ag has developed a teabag fertilizer deliver system just for transplants.

Grape Vine Trials

Grape Vines respond very well with an inoculation of Mykos mycorrhizae. Myko Start Paks have shown to decrease transplant shock and increase nutrient uptake. 

Lettuce Trials

Lettuce and other leafy greens are known for having a quick turn over rate. A common misunderstanding of these short-term harvests is that the biologicals take several weeks to form a symbiosis. Our line of living liquids ensures the quickest inoculation possible to increase the crop yields and nutritional value.

Onion Trials

Plants with thick roots like onions, poorly branched and with few root hairs, are usually more dependent on mycorrhizae for normal growth and development

Strawberry Trials

With our company being located on the central coast of California, we conduct research on strawberry production in the field and greenhouse conditions using various varieties with our biologicals. 

Tomato Trials

The root system of a tomato plant is very susceptible to exposure to pathogens. Mykos has many benefits including increasing plant immune systems. 

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