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AZOS® Red Liquid
Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria

Biological nitrogen fixation is an important source of nitrogen in agriculture and represents a promising substitute for nitrogen fertilizers. The free-living diazotrophic bacteria, Azospirillum brasilense, has the ability to convert atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia, contributing to the pathway that increases available nitrogen for plants.


AZOS Red Liquid is a concentrated bacterial formulation of A. brasilense, freshly produced only when ordered to ensure the highest product viability. AZOS Red Liquid can be used with all major agricultural crops and applied through various methods of application. 

Nitrogen is required in the greatest amount of all nutrients transported to plants through the soil. It drives chlorophyll production in the foliage and keeps plants green and growing efficiently. AZOS® (Azospirillum brasilense) is a naturally occurring bacteria that live symbiotically with a host plant and supplies necessary nitrogen. 

How does AZOS Red Liquid work?

Our atmosphere is made up of 80% nitrogen. AZOS absorbs this nitrogen as N2, converts it to a form that the plant can use and supplies it to the plant efficiently. 


Recommended single treatment on brassicas and co-treatment with MYKOS on most cereal & vegetable crops. Can be applied through drip line, tape, and most irrigation applications.

Azos Red Liquid - 2.5 gal - 2024
Image by Muhammad Syakir Sulaiman

Benefits of AZOS Red Liquid

  • Naturally occurring

  • Reduces nitrogen fertilizer usage

  • Produces healthier and more vigorous plants

  • Improves plant establishment

  • Greater tolerance to environmental stresses

  • Easy to use


Unit Size 
16 oz / 1 gal / 2.5 gal


Single Specie Diazotrophic Bacteria

Azospirillum brasilense ... 1 x 10^8 CFU / ml 

Directions and Applications 


Application Rate:

Apply 16-32 fl oz of AZOS RED per acre. This rate is applicable for both field application and seed treatment.


Application Methods: AZOS RED offers versatile application options to suit various stages of plant growth and farming practices. It can be introduced to crops and soil using the following methods:


1. Fertigation and Irrigation Systems: AZOS RED can be applied through existing fertigation or irrigation setups.

2. Foliar Spray: For direct plant benefits, AZOS RED can be applied as a foliar spray.

3. Root Dip: Prior to planting, seedlings can be treated with an AZOS RED solution.

4. Direct Soil Application: For targeted root zone delivery, AZOS RED can be applied

directly to the soil in furrow at the time of planting.

5. Seed Treatment: Coat seeds with AZOS RED before planting.


Dilution Recommendations:

For optimal effectiveness, it is recommended to dilute AZOS RED with 10-30 gallons of water per acre.

For more information concerning distribution, placing an order, product questions/applications, and field trials contact us at 1-800-784-4769.
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