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Testimonials from the farm

We are committed to making a long-term commitment to help ensure your success. We work hard to train you on proper application times and rates, provide info on complementary and unfavorable conditions, and help ensure you have the tools you need to keep ahead of the competition. Hear testimonials from our research partners and farmers around the world.  

Dave Cheetham, Helena Agri R&D

"Thanks for the opportunity to speak on our observations of RTI’s products, AZOS Red, MYKOS and BM6.  We have studied your products for a couple years and they have performed very well for us.  We have evaluated the combination of AZOS, BM6 and MYKOS in field evaluations in peppers and strawberries in California and we observed a 20% yield increase and better quality (Size, Color, Firmness and Sugar Content) in the studies we conducted when we ran that combination as compared to the grower standard fertilizer programs.  In the trials we conducted the products by RTI resulted in the highest yield compared to all other products.

We are continuing to evaluate them again and thus far their products are trending the same as the previous year."

RAMCO Berries - San Hill Ranch - Marina, CA - Mykos Gold WP 3
RAMCO Berries - San Hill Ranch - Marina, CA - Mykos Gold WP 1
RAMCO Berries - San Hill Ranch - Marina, CA - Mykos Gold WP 2

Travis Gienger

Most don’t realize the time it takes to grow a giant pumpkin let alone a record breaking pumpkin. In the
spring I had my eyes set on certain products to push my plants throughout the year in hopes of growing
a winning pumpkin. The products I used were as follows, Mykos, Azos, Azos Red Liquid, Versity, Cal
Carb, and Tea Brew.



Xtreme's (RTI's) products helped me get an early jump start to my plant and definitely helped propel the 2,560 pound pumpkin!


Dave Stelts

"Here's a look at some of our pumpkins we are growing this year couldn't do it without RTI products!!!


Hopefully if all goes well we can beat our world record of 5 over 2,000#'s from last year. 


Thank you for all of your help and the industry leading biological products provided by RTI."

For more information concerning distribution, placing an order, product questions/applications, and field trials contact us at 1-800-784-4769.
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