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Grape Vine Trials

RTI-Ag delivery systems include our MYKO START® 30, organic fertilizer and MYKOS® mycorrhizal inoculant perfectly blended to provide grape vine transplants the best start possible.


At the time of transplanting young vines, transplant shock can become costly. Many times, transplant shock is derived from the lack of nutrients. Supplying necessary nutrients at the time of transplant can significantly decrease shock. By including MYKOS mycorrhizae along with organic fertilizer within the pack, you are establishing a biological connection between your plants and your soil.


We have conducted many trials with various varieties of grape vines in which we seek to find the effects of certain amounts of fertilizer and mycorrhizal fungi.


Grape vines form a symbiotic relationship with MYKOS  mycorrhizal fungi. There are many ways you can inoculate the roots of a new planting and long established plants.


Our unique line of products for transplants as well as granular and liquid inoculants for already established roots. Our highly concentrated MYKOS Gel and AZOS Liquid is easy to dilute and can be run through drip line & tape. 


Inoculating a vineyard with MYKOS through cover crop is just as easy. Our MYKOS granular and MYKOS Optimum granular are easy to propagate with seeds. By introducing the MYKOS mycorrhizae to the cover crop, it will continue to grow and colonize the roots of a grapevine.

For more information concerning distribution, placing an order, product questions/applications, and field trials contact us at 1-800-784-4769.

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