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Onion Trials

Onions have very short, fibrous roots that tend to thrive with the assistance of biological inoculants to supplement addition nutrients and water.  


In the summer of 2015, RTI produced a trial to find out the effects of two certain biological inoculants with the production of onions.


Three different treatments using MYKOS® Gel and AZOS® Liquid, under organic fertilization, our goal was to see a significant increase in root mass, shoot size, and overall weight.


Once the onions were ready for harvest, we would collect the entire rhizosphere to examine the colonization percentage of the mycorrhizae. 


Overall, the onions that were treated with MYKOS and AZOS resulted in the highest collective weight. MYKOS Gel and AZOS Liquid separately did significantly better than the control. 


The onions between the pink flags were treated with both MYKOS and AZOS Liquid. The overall size of the onions is was significantly larger than the majority.


The results of this trial confirmed the initial hypothesis that inoculation by the MYKOS and AZOS biologicals can positively increase the root mass and overall production weight of onions.


Take a look under the microscope of a proper mycorrhizal inoculation derived from the onion trials produced to the right.


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