MYKO Start® 30 For New Vines, Trees, and Shrubs 

Mycorrhizal Inoculant with 4-2-2 Natural & Organic Fertilizer


MYKO Start 30 is a simple and effective method of initiating healthy root development while establishing a mycorrhizal relationship between new roots and the soil. Mycorrhizae increase access to soil nutrients and moisture through an intricate hyphal network. Simply incorporate a single pak with each new vine transplant. 

Benefits of MYKO Start 30


  • Single application

  • Reduces transplant shock

  • Increases early growth

  • Produces healthier & more vigorous plants

  • Greater tolerance to environmental stresses

  • Improves water management


Unit Size 
16.5 lbs / 7.5 kgs 

(250 packets per .066 lb / 30 g)


30 gram planting treatment containing organic fertilizer and mycorrhizal inoculant at 150 propagules / gram.

Directions and Applications 

Place feeder pak at bottom of the planting hole. Set transplant on top of the feeder pak. 

Caution: Store under cool dry conditions. Do not expose inoculant to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. 

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