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Fruit & Nut Tree Trials

RTI is well known for our teabag fertilizer delivery systems. We have formulated a special blend of slow release fertilizer that will supply your transplant with the necessary nutrients for a fast establishment. 


The photo to the right is the first year growth of a citrus tree. The front row of citrus trees was transplanted with RTI-Ag's FRUIT & NUT START PAKS compared to the back control row that had no treatment at transplant.


You can physically see the row that was transplanted with the Start Pak is larger and exhibiting faster growth. Fertilizing directly in the same transplant hole can positively affect the overall establishment and longevity of your orchard.

Most fruit and nut trees form an association with MYKOS® mycorrhizal fungi. Inoculating at transplant is easy with our MYKO START® 60's. Unlike the FRUIT & NUT START PAKS which is only slow release synthetic fertilizer, our MYKO START 60's is a special blend of MYKOS® granular mycorrhizae and organic fertilizer. Here you get the benefit of inoculating at transplant, diminishing the possibility of shock while providing the biology for overall plant success. 


If you have an established orchard you would like to inoculate with MYKOS mycorrhizal fungi, we have easy to use living MYKOS  GEL that you can propagate through drip line and tape. You can also apply MYKOS granular through a cover crop seeder. 

For more information concerning distribution, placing an order, product questions/applications, and field trials contact us at 1-800-784-4769.

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