AZOS® Blue Powder Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria 

Available in Mexico Only

Nitrogen is required in the greatest amount of all nutrients transported to plants through the soil. It drives chlorophyll production in the foliage and keeps plants green and growing efficiently. AZOS® (Azospirillum brasilense) is a naturally occurring bacteria that live symbiotically with a host plant and supplies necessary nitrogen. 

How does AZOS Blue Powder work?

Our atmosphere is made up of 80% nitrogen. AZOS absorbs this nitrogen as N2, converts it to a form that the plant can use and supplies it to the plant efficiently. 


Recommended single treatment on brassicas and co-treatment with MYKOS on most cereal & vegetable crops. Can be applied through drip line, tape, and most irrigation applications.


*Not for use in organic crop and organic food production

azos blue powder

Benefits of AZOS Blue Powder

  • Naturally occurring

  • Reduces nitrogen fertilizer usage

  • Produces healthier and more vigorous plants

  • Improves plant establishment

  • Greater tolerance to environmental stresses

  • Easy to use


Unit Size

2.2 lbs / 1 kg

Single Specie Bacteria

Azospirillum brasilense ... 1 x 10^6 CFU / g

Directions and Applications 

AZOS Blue Powder is compatible with most conventional and organic biopesticides. Its' use in conjunction with chemical and especially bacterial pesticides is not recommended.

Seed Coating:
Moisten the seed with an effective adhesive and apply at the dose of 200 grams of AZOS Blue Powder per 25 kg of seed.

Irrigation system:
Use 2.2 lbs/1 kg of AZOS Blue Powder per ha in the amount of water necessary to cover one ha. It is recommended to apply AZOS Blue Powder with an average of two to three applications in the first four weeks after transplantation.

Vegetative Propagation Treatment:
In a container add one part AZOS Blue Powder to two parts water and mix it up. Dip the bottom of the cuttings for approximately 15 seconds in the mixture and plant them into the cells of the prepared transplant tray. For best results, make sure the pH of the water is 6.5 before mixing AZOS Blue Powder. At the end of the inoculation of the cuttings, the remaining mixture can be used to water the plant cells.

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