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Crop Solutions

Crop Solutions

Agricultural sustainability is possible with the assistance of microbial root inoculants. Soil biology can protect roots while also supporting healthy plant growth. 

Protect your investment with biological root inoculants

Healthy soils are supported by a vast world of beneficial bacteria and fungi. RTI-Ag is an industry leader in regard to the quality and consistency of its microbial root inoculants. 
Image by Stan Slade

Mycorrhizal Fungi

Mycorrhizae is a symbiotic relationship where beneficial soil fungi colonize a plant’s root system and create root extensions called hyphae. They spread to outer soils, optimizing water and nutrient uptake for the plant, while also improving soil health and efficiency. 

Planting Pak Technology

Fertilization at planting makes a huge difference in plant establishment & long-term growth in orchards and vineyards. Transplanting with RTI-Ag's Planting Pak fertilizer provides a supplemental source of plant nutrients that are readily available to the seedlings. Designed to be applied directly with the roots at transplant, these nutrient delivery systems can help establish a better root system from the beginning.

rti ag mexico pepper trials 2018
Mexico-Trials 2
Broccoli Germination Trial
Mykos Liquid Lettuce Trials
Mykos Liquid Inoculation
For more information concerning distribution, placing an order, product questions/applications, and field trials contact us at 1-800-784-4769.
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