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RTI’s Mycorrhizal Inoculants Potency Is a Scientific Breakthrough!

With modern technology, Reforestation Technologies International (RTI) has found a way to cultivate the highest propagule count of any mycorrhizal fungi application on the market. New in vitro technology creates the ideal environment to cultivate the most potent liquid mycorrhizal inoculant with over 50,000 propagules per milliliter! Not only is the mycorrhizal inoculant available in liquid form but also in a granular amendment with over 1,000 propagules per gram!

What are mycorrhizal propagules? Propagules are an average count of spores, hyphae, & root fragments per gram of granular or milliliter of liquid. The more propagules that are available per gram or milliliter ultimately decreases the amount of inoculant needed to achieve a successful root colonization. You may ask yourself why root fragments are considered a part of the propagule count. Endo-mycorrhizae form a symbiosis within the root cell, compared to ecto-mycorrhizal that just stays external. Endo-mycorrhizae produce spores from within the roots, as well as hyphae, all viable propagules that can colonize your root system upon inoculation.

RTI has always kept the farmers best interest in mind, getting more beneficial microbes for a fraction of the price else seen in the industry. Using less but getting more, has become the standard in bio-fertility that RTI has grown to develop over many years of research and development. Cultivating bio-fertility products with a remarkable potency in different mediums has opened up a new range of applications for agricultural crops.

With our line of mycorrhizal inoculants, you can count on the highest quality and quantity to ensure a successful colonization in your field crop.

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