In healthy soil, there are millions of mycorrhizal fungal hyphal filaments present helping a plant's root system with the uptake of essential nutrients and water. However, most soils have been depleted of these super fungi. MYKOS GEL allows for the re-establishment of mycorrhizal fungi in your soil to help maximize yields, product quality, and ensure a healthy and biodiverse soil. 

 GEL is our most potent mycorrhizal inoculum at 25,000  propagules per milliliter that provides the strongest biological connection between roots and nutrients present in the soil and has been specially formulated to provide maximum benefits to agricultural and horticultural crops. The high concentration of mycorrhizal propagules allows you to administer the inoculant at a smaller dosage while still providing enough arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to all crops.


MYKOS GEL allows the user to administer the product easily through the drip line, tape, spray, and other irrigation methods. Recommended for IV tissue culture, seed treatments, and drip irrigation applications.

Benefits of MYKOS GEL


  • Highly concentrated mycorrhizal inoculant

  • Can be used in new plantings and established plants

  • Administer product through drip line or drip tape

  • Formulated to increase and extend the root area of plants

  • When used properly can alleviate drought stress on plant growth, can reduce the effects of transplant shock and saline conditions

  • Increased yields, improved plant vigor, improved root development, and decrease fertilizer use


Directions and Applications 

Mycorrhizal inoculants must be applied on or near newly developing roots. The use of chemical based fungicides in combination with this product is not recommended. MYKOS applied at higher rates will increase colonizations of crops


Must use all product within 3 days to prevent contamination.


Root Drench: Dilute 2-3 fl. oz. of product into 100 gallons of clean untreated water. Treat each plant with 8 fl. oz. of product.


Drip Line / Tape: 5-7 fl. oz per acre.

Unit Size 
8 oz / 16 oz 


Single Specie

Endo Mycorrhizae

Rhizophagus irregularis

25,000 propagules / ml 


Highly Concentrated Liquid Mycorrhizal Inoculant 25,000 Propagules / mL

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