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Welcome to RTI-Ag, a division of Reforestation Technologies International. RTI-AG specializes in biofertility products based on natural, not modified, strains of mycorrhiza and azospirillum. Our list of biofertility products provide farmers with proven tools to help support their sustainable plant nutrition program.

Since 1993, RTI has been a leading technology innovator in the development of biological & plant nutritional mycorrhizal products for forestry, habitat restoration, agriculture, landscape management and home gardening.

We have over twenty years' experience working with a wide variety of crops including fruit trees, grains, berries, hops, melons, grapes, and more. The growers we work with have done small to large-scale trials, and we come out on top every time with our mycorrhizae microbial agricultural solutions.

We don't make magic claims of tripling your yield overnight, but we do make a long-term commitment to help ensure your success. We work hard to train you on proper application times and rates, provide info on complementary and unfavorable conditions, and help ensure you have the tools you need to keep ahead of the competition.

It is scientific fact that healthier roots will always yield better plants and fruits, whether you grow herbs, strawberries, peppers, corn, pears, or nuts. Our R&D department is constantly at work monitoring and improving our mycorrhizal solutions.

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